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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ingredients of Collagen Cream  

Collagen Cream is a skincare and beauty product meant for women who would like to improve the appearance of their skin and overall complexion, without having to resort to costly and potentially risky procedures, like BOTOX®. Advertised as a skin firming and smoothing formula, the cream may improve moisture retention and increase “suppleness,” according to the company.

With so many competing skincare products on the market these days, we believe women should be educated enough to determine for themselves whether a product is promising or not. We believe some of the features to look for are ingredients and money-back guarantees. We will get a closer look at this product to find out if it may be as effective as advertised.

Some sources indicate that the collagen cream formula may consist of naturally occurring ingredients, like Vitamin E, Marine Collagen, Lanolin and natural sunscreen. Unfortunately, we are unable to retrieve any further information about the formulation at this time. The apparent lack of an official website makes it difficult to verify this information.

The ingredients of collagen cream may combine to improve moisture retention, increase suppleness and elasticity, while “providing protection from harmful UV radiation.” It seems that many companies advertise similar benefits, though a closer look at the ingredients in the formula may not back up such claims. We feel it would behoove women to always be alert for unfounded claims.

While we are glad to see a form of Collagen listed as part of the formulation, we note that not all Collagens are equally potent. Marine Collagen may be found in many comparable anti-wrinkle products, but only fresh and real Collagen may be as effective as advertised. Quality Collagen may play an important role in boosting skin firmness and promoting youthfulness.

Lanolin is recognized in the industry as a type of ointment, wax or other similar raw material, but may not necessarily be regarded for any significant anti-aging benefits. This substance may be found in cream form, which may be used by people with chapped lips, dry skin or skin abrasions. Lanolin is known to be derived from wool-bearing sheep.

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