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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Collagen Cream or Collagen Supplements?  

Collagen is a type of protein that crucial for skin rejuvenation. Collagen can be naturally absorb from healthy food like fish, red meat, eggs. Somehow it also can be obtain from supplements or lotion. Among all the collagen products in the market, collagen cream is one of the best comparing to others. However some people prefer to take collagen supplements comparing to collagen cream. So the concern now is whether collagen cream is much more effective or collagen supplements?

Collagen cream consists of many varieties. The common collagen cream we saw in the market are inclusive of collagen face cream, collagen eye cream and collagen skin cream. However they are some of the special collagen cream series like marine collagen cream which need complicated high technologies for developing it. Collagen cream can be apply to your whole body area without limit. However, some collagen cream like collagen face cream are solely for face part. Comparing to that, collagen skin cream is much more practical as it covers majority part of the body. Most of the collagen cream contain Q10 that crucial for skin cells building. However, collagen eye cream and Marine collagen cream also plays their part into specific area. Likewise many of these collagen cream are not really 100% containing collagen extract. Some of the collagen cream in the market sell cheap due to lower quantity of collagen inside. Whereas like Marine collagen cream, one of the most exclusive collagen cream that really effective in returning your age. The main ingredients for Marine collagen cream is from seaweed and deep sea plants extract. As such these deep sea plants and herbs contain high quantity of collagen. The collagen content for this collagen cream is pretty high and that's the reason why this collagen are so effective to use.

Comparing to collagen cream, collagen supplements like collagen pills or jelly are much more lesser demand. Unlike collagen cream, collagen supplements are meant for internal use. Some people tend to take collagen skin cream or collagen face cream comparing to collagen supplements as those collagen cream are risk free. There are not inside your body. Consumer baring lesser risk for taking collagen cream comparing to collagen pills. Besides, collagen supplements are much more expensive than collagen cream. Their price can easily higher of 10% or 20% comparing to collagen cream. As such people still prefer collagen face cream or collagen skin cream, comparing to collagen pills.

Since collagen is good for your skin, then you should ensure you take at least some natural extract of collagen everyday. Please don't go over amount, little quantity should serve. Since collagen cream doesn't cost you many, you are strongly recommended to take one Marine collagen cream for recovering your age.

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