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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Collagen Cream vs Natural collagen ?  

There are many food item contain collagen, for example like chicken and pork belly. However due to these food contain high cholesterol and fat, thus many people tend to use collagen extract products. Collagen has been traditionally used for skin care. Medical report also proven collagen can regenerate skin cells and produce smooth and firmer skin. There's once collagen products received mass response from the market when it first start recommended in the market. And among all others collagen products, collagen cream stand out as the best collagen product comparing to other collagen drinks, facial treatment and injection.

The main reason of collagen cream are so popular is because of this cream are mainly for external use. Unlike other collagen drinks and injection, collagen cream are much more safer. Collagen cream does contained varieties like collagen face cream, collagen skin cream, collagen eye cream and also marine collagen cream. What make the difference between these collagen cream? Actually their core features are all same, which helps for reducing wrinkles and acne and help in regenerating new skin. You will stay young and look with these series of refreshing collagen cream.

Collagen face cream applied mainly on the area of face and neck. This collagen cream provides the essence of collagen and other vitamins. Collagen face cream are quite well known on its effect on skin care. It has been proven as one of the best product for regenerating new skin cells after the effect bring by our skins dead cells. This collagen cream have no site effect and this is due to the reason of the ingredients for the cream all come naturals, inclusive of collagen.

Collagen skin cream cover more body area beside face and neck. You will find many of the collagen cream product in the market now include collagen, and those collagen centered lotion actually are referring to collagen skin cream, Nivea Q10 skin lotion is one of the best example. However, you can apply collagen skin cream at most of your body area especially your leg and arm. Collagen skin cream also traditionally recognized can help in reducing cellulite and stretch marks. As such this collagen cream is very much appreciated by woman above 30 years old.

Collagen eye cream is much more simple, it focus is more on the eye area. However the ingredients for this collagen cream is much more different if comparing to collagen skin cream and collagen face cream. This is because of skin at eye surrounding are considered sensitive area. As such more herbal extract used for constructing the cream. But lesser acidic ingredients applied.

Marine collagen cream is one of the successful collagen cream that recently widely recommended in the market. This fabulous product has included the most pure and original marine collagen extract for constructing the cream. Marine collagen cream is very effective for skin recovery. It is much more applicable for people after operation treatment caused it is traditionally recognized can speeding up the process of regeneration. This collagen cream contain more than 40% of collagen and is result guarantee.

If we review 10 years back, collagen cream product bought in expensive; but if you talking about recent century, collagen cream can get in affordable price. You can easily find a collagen product at the market. No matter how, before you buy for any collagen cream, my advice to you is compare the qualities of each type of collagen cream. Sometimes a small jar of collagen face cream can contain more collagen extract than a big bottles of collagen skin cream. As such be alert when choosing for any collagen cream.

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