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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anti Aging Tool : Collagen Cream  

The anti aging skin products makes the skin clearer, smoother, youthful and glowing. Many of the anti-aging products offered in stand with the core ingredients like collagen. With the application of collagen, the products can be found like collagen cream, collagen face cream, collagen skin cream, collagen eye cream and even pure marine collagen cream. Wanting to look young and gorgeous is desired by everybody but to achieve this glowing look requires serious skin care and collagen cream playing an important role in this mission.

Anti aging and anti wrinkle products take care of fine lines, sagging skin, brown spots, dark circles under the eyes and many such age related skin phenomena. They transform the looks of the user within weeks and leave the person looking good, feeling better and more self confident. Researching countless skin care creams that purport to remove aging signs while making the skin smoother, hydrated and more radiant revealed the efficacy of some basic ingredients in these products. Lately marine collagen cream was one of the best recommended product.

Argireline` is a safer alternative to Botox. Unlike other collagen face cream, It is derived from amino acids which occur naturally. It does not have to be injected and is not potentially dangerous. `Argeriline` works by relaxing the facial tension as this ingredient reduces excessive release of neurotransmitters that causes facial muscles to be tensed up. This ingredient also slows down the degeneration of collagen and elastin that normally occurs with aging and causes the skin to lose its shape. Another extremely effective ingredient in anti aging cream is `Idebenone`. An antioxidant produced in the body called Co-enzyme Q10, helps in protecting the free radicals that damage skin and contribute to aging. Cosmetologists have reported a more radiant and youthful skin after using products with this ingredient. Results are normally seen within 30 days of its application. Scientific reviews have revealed that certain creams such as Revitol, CeramideC, Royal Gold, Avotone, OHT Peptide 3 and Kinerase are highly effective anti aging products. How ever, the product is quite costly if comparing to collagen face cream or collagen skin cream.

Revitol contains the most advanced ingredient that helps to firm, hydrate and tightens the facial skin. Its safe ingredients and astounding efficacy has made it the most sought after cream. Ceramide is a natural ingredient in the skin that is vital for skin`s health and youthful look. With the aging process the skin begins to lose this natural ingredient. But extensive research and break through technology has revealed that Ceramide C serum replenishes the skin`s Ceramide and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Some collagen products like collagen eye cream also perform the same results but it's target area only at eye surrounding.

Royal Gold is 100% natural wrinkle serum packed with vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients. Royal Gold sends nutrients through the outer layer of the skin and works from within to repair damage and revitalize and nourish the skin cells. It replenishes the natural collagens and elastin resulting in a glowing and healthy skin. It has been clinically proven that Avotone product is an outstanding skin care solution as it reduces the damage caused by facial contortion. This product especially removes lines from forehead and around the eyes. Some manufacturers has developed the royal collagen cream or collagen skin cream for the ease of consumer. The application of the collagen cream are external and much more safe for use.

Similarly OHT Peptide3 rejuvenates the skin`s upper layers by stimulating collagen production. It also thickens the epidermis. Peptides play a vital role in the skin`s healing process. It targets both the upper and lower layers of the skin. This product helps in reducing wrinkles, crow`s feet around eyes and stretch marks. OHT Peptide 3 is available as cream and lotion. However, this product provides the equivalent effect like collagen face cream and or collagen skin cream.

Kinerase lotion works best for persons with normal to oily skin types and for those who live in humid climates. It provides superior moisturizing for sun damaged skin and is also a great alternative for retinoid intolerant skin. This product also reduces roughness and retards skin aging. It is extremely effective in erasing wrinkles without burning, redness or peeling and also removes signs of photo aging. Kinerase contains the nature identical plant growth factor, furfuryladenini that decreases the aging of skin cells.

Such authentic anti aging skin care products can really make the skin look ten years younger by fighting the signs of aging.

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