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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Three powerful ways to eliminate age  

Do age spots aggravate you? Looking for a way to eliminate them and get back your soft, clear and younger looking skin? The solution is here. Read on, to discover the two most powerful and effective ways to eliminate age spots.

What are age spots?
Our skin contains a pigment called melanin which is responsible for providing color to it. Over exposure to the sun stimulates the production of melanin which eventually starts concentrating in the upper layers of the skin. Thus leads to black patches known as age spots. These spots also occur due to natural aging process. As we grow older, not only does the melanin production get increased, our skin also becomes susceptible to other aging problems. These include skin irritation, dryness, wrinkles etc. These are the usual aging signs which develop along with age spots.

Is there a cure?
Certainly. If you are looking for a quick solution to eliminate age spots, it is available in the form of skin treatments like cryotherapy, laser treatment, chemical peel etc. But not only are these expensive, many of them are painful too. They also bring along a whole load of side effects, which certainly you would never want.

Avoiding the sun completely and protecting your skin from it seems like a good solution. But it may not be practically possible for all of us at all times.
Based on the research that I have done in this field, here are the two powerful ways to eliminate age spots:-

(i) Natural Whitening Creams
Make a note of the word 'natural' mentioned in here. The market today is flooded with lots of creams claiming their success in removing age spots. But what is important here is to understand that the solution that you are looking for has to be safe as well as free of side effects. Most chemical whitening creams consist of hydroquinone which was considered as the strongest ingredient for any skin lightening cream. But believe me; this chemical is not worth a try. It has been banned in many countries because of its known carcinogenic properties.Before buying a cream, check the list of ingredients that it has. One of the must have natural ingredients is Extrapone Nutgrass. It is a wild plant from India which has been proven to reduce the melanin content in our skin by 40%. Reduction in melanin content would eliminate age spots and would leave you with a whiter skin achieved in a purely natural and safe manner. Cynergy TK is another important ingredient which is effective in combating the other signs of aging. It increases the production of skin proteins - Collagen and Elastin which provide firmness and elasticity to the skin. Thus solves the problem of wrinkles and skin dryness.

(ii) Collagen Cream
Use collagen cream at least twice in a day for acquiring back your firm and smooth skin. Collagen cream can be collagen face cream, collagen skin cream for whole body, collagen eye cream on targeted eye surrounding are, and marine collagen cream which contained marine herbs extract. Collagen cream is a developed form from collagen and some other form of this products on supplements like collagen powder for drink. Collagen skin cream easy to absorb by the body and convenient to use anytime you want. But the highlight here is be choose choosy and alert before you purchase for any collagen cream. Some collagen face cream or collagen skin cream doesn't really contained as high percentage of collagen as they initiated at their ingredients information. Some do but quite costly. Any how, investing in collagen face cream or collagen skin cream is a good investment for staying younger and beautiful.

(iii) Natural Supplements
Supplements are required to provide the essential minerals and nutrients which are usually missing in our daily diets. Adding natural supplements to your daily routine is an effective way to deliver the required vitamins to the skin. There are three antioxidants which have been proven to decrease the effect of the sun and actually prevent further skin damage. They are Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Selenium. Apart from the natural minerals, these supplements should also contain herbal extracts like that of green tea and olive leaf. These extracts have been known to fight free radicals, neutralize the harm caused by the sun, lighten the skin and rejuvenate the skin cells. Right formulation and dosage of these supplements containing natural ingredients helps eliminate age spots as well as other signs of aging. Put this to the test right away. A natural skin cream and natural skin supplements combined together make a wonder formula for your skin. Give it a try and I bet you will witness a cleaner, softer and younger looking skin.

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